The Potato

4 Apr

So, Professorgrrl, extraordinary cook that she is, texted me today, one day after my tooth extraction, and asked if there was anything that I felt like eating tonight for dinner. The dental hygienist told me yesterday that I could eat mashed potatoes, grits or scrambled eggs while the hole, formerly known as tooth #15, healed up, clotted and all that. I honestly can’t remember how long she said that I should stay on this diet, but the thought of getting something stuck in that hole made me think that I could stand to lay off the crackers and crunchy peanut butter sandwiches at least another day. I texted back to Professorgrrl, “Potato soup.” Today was a very cold, rainy spring day here in the south, and evolved from cold and rainy to sleet, then snow, then a deluge of more rain. I love the south. Like they always say around here, if you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes. And today’s weather just seemed to call for soup.

Honestly, though, if it had not been a cold day, my answer to Professorgrrl would still involve the use of the word “potato.” I love potatoes. They are my comfort food. There is a cafeteria here in town and every time I go there, it is all I can do to keep myself from ordering the vegetable plate with mashed potatoes, French fries, potato salad and a baked potato. And of course, cornbread, for color.

In fact, when I had my second knee surgery (outpatient) back in 1997, I woke up with my usual allergic reaction to the anesthesia, i.e., throwing up on myself. The medical personnel wheeled me to a room and would not allow me to leave until I could sit up without throwing up. Finally, after several hours of being in this holding tank of a room, with my parents patiently waiting by my bed, I told the nurse that I felt fine and was ready to leave the hospital and go home. I proved this by sitting up without throwing up. So, she helped me to a wheelchair and wheeled me down to the lobby. While my father went to get the car, I sat in the wheelchair and threw up on myself. That poor nurse just went into a tizzy, saying, “I can’t let you leave! You just threw up again! We should admit you to a room! I have to tell my supervisor!” I looked at her and told her that I had absolutely no intentions of spending the night in that hospital, that I was leaving and I would be fine if I could just get home to my house, and my bed, and a bag of baked Lays potato chips. I looked at my mother and said, “Let’s get out of here.” So, we piled into the car and left and went to my little house, where my mother, at my instruction, opened up a bag of baked Lays potato chips and I ate a few and all was well. I am telling you, potatoes have HEALING properties! Well, for me anyway. My mother thought this was all very funny. My dad was just glad to be out of that hospital, which made him nauseous anyway.

So, what else could I possibly want to eat after a tooth extraction? And now, I will share with you Professorgrrl’s Delectable Low-fat Potato Soup recipe. She usually finds several recipes on the internet, and then makes up her own recipe based on her research, her own ideas, and my high cholesterol. This works about 99.9% of the time. She knows about that .1% time when she made the Thai green beans. I made it very clear that she should never repeat THAT mistake.

Professorgrrl’s tooth removal low-fat potato soup

Bake or microwave 3 medium-sized baking potatoes; cool and peel

Dice (well sorta- baked taters don’t dice easily) 


Sauté 1/4 to 1/2 cup minced onion in 2 tablespoons of butter

When softened, add two tbsp. flour (heaping)

Slowly add 3 1/4 cup skim milk

Add 1/2 chicken bouillon cube

Add salt and pepper to taste

Add 1/8 tsp. celery salt

Heat on medium high until boiling

Cook 3-4 min or until thickened

Add diced, semi-mashed potatoes

Add 1/4 to 1/2 cup fat-free sour cream


Add another chunk of butter

Heat through

Serve hot with low fat cheddar cheese and turkey bacon crumbles

Optional diced chives to adorn (Sheila’s note: Adorn is Professorgrrl’s word. I think the usual word is “garnish” but I kept “adorn” because it made me laugh. Not a big toothy laugh, mind you, but a chuckle-type laugh.) 

Makes about 6 servings unless you are really hungry because your tooth has kept you from eating your usual crunchy peanut butter sandwich.

Thank you, Professorgrrl, for a delicious potato soup dinner. I know my many XLH friends with their many tooth problems will appreciate this recipe during their recovery from various dental procedures, since very little chewing, if any, is required. As I have told my dentist many times, we all (everybody, if you live long enough) end up eating mashed potatoes, and I love potatoes. Did I say that already?

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