17 Mar

This year in the South, during the months of January, February and March, we have been experiencing a thing that non-southerners call “Winter.” This happens to us about every 5-10 years, and of course, we feel sorry for ourselves and victimized by Mother Nature. She’s basically picking on us this year. Here in NC, we have seen a couple of snowstorms, ice storms, single digit temperatures, and I have personally seen more snow-covered lawn furniture photos posted on Facebook than I have ever seen before. I thought people did that because snow-covered lawn furniture is ironic; however, one friend told me that people use their lawn furniture to show off how much snow they got. Who knew? I still think they do it for the irony, and just don’t realize it.

So, my daily walks with the dogs have been greatly affected by this bad weather. In the mornings, I can hardly walk in perfect weather, never mind icy, snowy weather. Professorgrrl insists that I stay inside and not take the chance of going outside and falling. Being a person who likes to “chillax” as kids say, I don’t argue. However, this doesn’t help me keep my, ahem, girlish figure. (Neither does aging.)

Therefore, I devised my own indoor exercise plan. Since the house is all one level (yep, that’s on purpose) I decided to count how many steps (my steps, not a regular person’s steps) there are from the kitchen on one side of the house to the back bedroom on the other side of the house. There are about 50, making a round trip of 100 steps. I went online and found that around 2500-2600 steps equals one mile. (I guess that’s regular people’s steps.) I decided I would walk in the house on snowy and icy days to “get my exercise on.” The first day, I stopped at 600. That was before I discovered how many steps equal one mile. Then I knew I needed to push a little harder than 600 steps. So far, the most I’ve gone is 2000 before the left knee starts to complain loudly. Walking is one of the best things for helping my back, though.

And here’s the other benefit. The dogs are completely fascinated when I do this. Well, Tucker actually looks a little worried about the whole thing. He usually stays out of the way and watches from a perch on the recliner.

Tucker staring

But Deacon, the old guy, thinks that this is the most exciting plan that I’ve ever come up with. He walks with me, and must think we’re going somewhere. Today, he even walked with me so long that he started panting and had to stop for water.

20140317_163620_1      Deacon leading me

His happy attitude about my walking (he’s usually an Eeyore, so this is a nice change) encourages me to go for 2000 steps. I don’t know what he thinks will happen when I arrive, but it’s obviously something great.

Sometimes, it sure is nice to have a cheerleader.

Deacon barking

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2 Responses to “Winter-cise”

  1. Barbara March 18, 2014 at 9:01 am #

    I love it ! My smile for today. Barbara

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