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Mona Lisa- Not

7 Feb

If you read my last post, then you know that I had plans to get a dental flipper to fill in the hole where one of my teeth used to be. I got it last week, and have been wearing it faithfully since then. As I suspected, I hate it. So, here’s my ode to the dental flipper.

How my dentist sees my dental flipper: a work of art. (Yes, I took a few liberties in my photo-editing program to give her some big white teeth.)

Mona Lisa with buck teeth

How my dentist’s accountant sees my dental flipper.


What others think is in my mouth.


What children think is in my mouth.

Hard Candy

What I feel like is in my mouth. I call this a dental flapper.

Dental Flapper

What is actually in my mouth.

Dental Flipper

The photo doesn’t do it justice. Professorgrrl says this photo looks like a piece of raw chicken sitting on a toilet. The “toilet” is actually a carrying case, Professorgrrl. I guess if you think it looks like raw chicken, then Tucker the Beagle would likely think the same thing. Note to self: keep it out of his reach.

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