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17 Oct

Things change. I don’t always do well with changes, especially when they affect my health. Those of you with XLH know that sometimes things can change rather quickly as we age. They certainly have for me. This past week, I had to address my sudden rise in blood pressure, which of course, doesn’t have anything to do with XLH and isn’t a side effect of the medications we take, but can simply be just one more thing we can get in middle age. For me, I halfway expected it, since both my parents have high blood pressure. I assumed I had just gotten another “genetic thing” to deal with.

So, I went to my family doctor, at the strong suggestion of my endocrinologist, to get her wise counsel on this problem. Her first thought is that my allergy medication, Claritin D-12, is the source of my problem. “If you were a smoker, I would tell you to stop smoking,” she said. “If you used crack cocaine, I’d tell you to stop using crack cocaine. But I am going to tell you–no more decongestants for your allergies!” If any of you readers live in or near the allergy capital of the world like I do, then you know that this kind of change is a little scary. I mean, I get some bad sinus headaches, and I’ll take my bone pain over a nauseating headache any day. Seriously. I will do almost anything to avoid those headaches.

But, I stopped taking all decongestants. That’s it, I’m done. She prescribed another allergy medication to take its place. We’ll see if it works. My blood pressure has gotten back to normal, so far. Maybe those parental genes haven’t kicked in yet. The good thing is that Claritin D-12 was a large pill, so now I have more room in my pillbox, and if you read my post from a couple weeks ago, you know that’s important to me. Therefore, I added the fish oil pill back into the box, since it is supposed to help with–yep–blood pressure.

Some changes are GOOD!

And, one of my favorite changes are the changes of colors around here as we transition from summer into fall. Yeah, I know, leaf mold bothers some people, but gosh, it sure is pretty. I will leave you with some photographs I have taken in the last two weeks, to celebrate some beautiful changes I enjoy. Happy autumn, friends!

Mabry Mill

Autumn at Mabry Mill

Behind Mabry Mill

Behind Mabry Mill

Widow Falls

Widow Falls at Stone Mountain in Elkin, NC

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Happy Birthday to Me

7 Jul

Today is my birthday. I have completed 52 years of life. It’s always nice to feel like I’ve completed something.

For my birthday, Professorgrrl gave me Adele’s album “19” which is now playing on my iphone. She said to me, “I thought that since one of Adele’s songs got you through your MRI,” [see my post on June 16, 2012] “then maybe one of her songs from this album will get you through your colonoscopy…”

That statement will certainly influence how I listen to the album, will it not?

Ah, the joys of aging. In addition to receiving regular requests from AARP to join up, my insurance company is sending me reminders that I am due for some test or another, due to being over 50. The latest was a reminder that it’s time for a colonoscopy. They’ve been sending that letter for 2 years now. That’s pretty bad when your insurance company WANTS you to go and spend some of their money!

Sometimes, I feel like this Mama Wren who has taken up residence in the back yard…not quite sure if it’s safe to leave the comforts of home. Especially if there is someone waiting for you out there holding suspicious-looking equipment…



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